Do you have questions about Medicare or Virginia Marketplace Health Insurance? My name is Maria Williams and I will help you.

Insurance can be confusing (by design). That is why I started ITK Insurance Services. We are an Independent Insurance Education and Services Agency. Our mission is to Be In The Know, Stay In The Know and to Share What We Know about Insurance.

Maria R. Williams, M.A. Ed. Health Insurance Agent & Educator

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Our 3 Step Process

We will EDUCATE you on your insurance options, help you  EVALUATE your situation and ENROLL you in the best plan for you.


My Master’s Degree from The George Washington University is in Training and Development. You will be presented with information about insurance to help you understand it and benefit from our research. We focus on education.


With my 20 years as a Purchasing Professional I will show you how to make the best purchasing decisions. We will compare your options from various insurance companies.


We have the online tools to help enroll you in an insurance policy and plan with convenience and ease. Our service is no cost to you.

How Medicare Works Model™

You CAN understand it (just follow the money!)