My Journey in Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace Marathon: Triumphs and Fulfillment

What an incredible journey it has been! This year marked the inauguration of Virginia’s State Based Health Insurance Exchange.  Being a part of it felt like running a marathon – a marathon of success, challenges, and heartwarming moments that etched their place in the record books.

Embarking on New Beginnings: Picture this – a new enrollment platform and a fresh start for Virginia’s health insurance landscape. As I navigated through these uncharted territories, it was exciting to be a pioneer of this new process for health insurance enrollment for fellow Virginians.

Kudos to Training Excellence: I can’t help but applaud the training team for providing excellent training to insurance agents and brokers. The knowledge gained paved the way for a smooth enrollment process, setting the stage for what would become a historic open enrollment.

Broker Services Beyond Expectations: Throughout the entire open enrollment period, broker services exceeded my expectations. They were knowledgeable, accessible, and helpful when support was needed for clients with complicated issues that needed to be solved.

Fulfilling Moments Amidst Chaos: In the midst of the hustle and bustle, there were moments of immense fulfillment. Helping Virginians complete and correct their applications, explaining the Advanced Premium Tax Credit, and ensuring everyone understood the intricacies of health insurance costs – from premiums to copays, coinsurance, and the out-of-pocket max.

A Culmination of Purpose: For me, this journey felt like the culmination of a varied career – from purchasing and marketing to teaching and bookkeeping. Each role contributed to the tapestry of experiences, and now, in the heart of this insurance marathon, it all came together.

Beyond Busy, Incredibly Enjoyable: Yes, it was busy – two phones ringing, completing applications, sending emails, following up on enrollment status’  – but it was also incredibly enjoyable. At the end of the day, the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference, helping families secure the health insurance coverage they needed, made it all worthwhile because as a cancer survivor I know how important having health insurance for everyone.

A Fantastic Marathon Indeed: What a fantastic marathon it has been! Virginia deserves a standing ovation for orchestrating a successful rollout. The first chapter of the Virginia State Based Health Exchange is now in the record books.

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