Unraveling Obamacare: A Simple Guide to ACA

Day-in and day-out we help people get health insurance through The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare”. Just like Medicare it is based on the law which makes it complicated. The bottom line is ACA helps people who otherwise might not be able to have insurance to be able to have access to affordable quality health insurance. Below is a Simple Guide to the Affordable Care Act and what the ACA did: Expanded Health Insurance Insurance Reforms Preventive Care• What it means: Certain preventive services, like vaccines and …

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Navigating the Crazy World of Healthcare & Health Insurance in the USA

Chapter 1: The Job Struggle The joys of being a working-age adult in the United States – where healthcare is like a game of hide and seek, and if you are lucky, your job might come with some “good” benefits. But let’s face it, even with those benefits, using them feels like entering a financial labyrinth. Deductibles and coinsurance and so many other terms. Chapter 2: Decoding the Jargon Let’s break it down: premiums, deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance – it’s like learning a new language, but one you never signed up …

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My Journey in Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace Marathon: Triumphs and Fulfillment

What an incredible journey it has been! This year marked the inauguration of Virginia’s State Based Health Insurance Exchange.  Being a part of it felt like running a marathon – a marathon of success, challenges, and heartwarming moments that etched their place in the record books. Embarking on New Beginnings: Picture this – a new enrollment platform and a fresh start for Virginia’s health insurance landscape. As I navigated through these uncharted territories, it was exciting to be a pioneer of this new process for health insurance enrollment for fellow …

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1,000 Thank You Postcards

I love writing handwritten thank you cards to new clients. It is something I truly enjoy doing. Well, it has gotten to the point I am so far behind sending out thank you cards that I have to streamline the process. I created some preprinted Thank You Postcards. I decided based on the current rate of referrals and new clients to order 1,000 postcards. I almost feel like Jim Carrey when he wrote himself a check for $10 Million. I kept looking at the quantity to order and 1,000 made …

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Winning the Fight Against Skyrocketing Healthcare Expenses

Rising healthcare costs can be a major concern for individuals and families. The following are common reasons contributing to the increase in healthcare costs: To win the war against rising healthcare costs you can use the following strategies: It’s important to note that addressing rising healthcare costs often requires a combination of actions and systemic changes within the healthcare industry. Please reach out to us at ITK Insurance if you need help navigating these challenges.