Yes, Medicare Is Complex But You Can Understand It!

The world of Medicare is complex because it is based on the law and it can feel overwhelming. Using a broker can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare. So, what exactly is Medicare? It’s the federal health insurance program for people 65 and older and certain younger people with disabilities or conditions (see if you’re eligible here). To gain a better understanding of Medicare, below are six questions most people ask. 1. What’s covered by original Medicare? There are two government-funded parts of Medicare, Parts A and B, which make …

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Medicare and Working After 65: Navigating Your Healthcare and Retirement

If You Live In the VA Tidewater Area Join Us At Our Upcoming Workshop As the golden age of 65 approaches, many people envision a life of relaxation, soaking in the well-deserved benefits of Medicare. However, a remarkable trend is emerging as more individuals choose to continue working well past this milestone. Balancing Medicare and employment requires careful consideration and understanding of the complex interactions between the two systems. In this blogpost, we’ll explore the options available to those who decide to work beyond 65, ensuring they can make informed …

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Excellent Guide for Enrolling in Medicare Part A and B

Below is an excellent guide about enrolling in Medicare Part A and B. It has situational questions to help guide you on if and when to enroll so you can avoid a penalty down the road. Use Control “F” to search the document. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 757-933-3688 if we can help answer any questions.

ITK Insurance at the CAREGIVERS’ CONFERENCE: Supporting Seniors and Sharing Medicare Plan Information

At ITK Insurance, we recently had the opportunity to participate in the enriching CAREGIVERS’ CONFERENCE, where we engaged with attendees at the Anthem Healthkeepers exhibitor table to share valuable information about Medicare Plans. Here’s a brief recap of the event: Event Details: Engaging with Attendees: Sharing Valuable Information about Medicare Plans Informative Presentations: Insights from Industry Experts The conference featured presentations by knowledgeable speakers on various caregiving topics: Commitment to Empowering Caregivers and Seniors Continuing Our Mission: To be in the know, stay in the know and share what we …

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Medicare HMO vs PPO: What’s the Difference?

🔎 Understanding the Basics 🏥 HMO Highlights 💰 PPO Benefits 📝 Making a Decision In summary, when deciding between Medicare HMOs and PPOs, consider your budget, preference for provider choice, and the importance of lower out-of-pocket costs. Call us today at 757-933-3688 and we will help you assess your Medicare healthcare needs to determine which plans best align with your priorities.