The Rewards of This Business Are Real

No one could have ever told me all of the wonderful people that I would meet and have the opportunity to help in this business. I’m not a salesperson. I don’t really care too much for salespeople because I can spot them a mile away especially those that appear deceptive about the sale.  Being in purchasing for so long I’ve dealt with so many sales people. I realized a long time ago that money doesn’t motivate me.  If I can not make something better for others then I’m not happy. …

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A Synchronistic Moment at a UHC Kiosk

This month I came full circle and had a synchronistic moment.  It was my first day manning the United Healthcare Medicare kiosk in Walgreens.  Many of my previous “jobs” and experiences came into play: A gentleman walked in who was about 35-40 years old, dressed in a nice pair of jeans, a shirt (don’t remember the color), some copper-colored tennis shoes and a hat with the same copper color in the initials on the hat.  He said hello and I responded back.   I then noticed him in the check-out …

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Life Insurance and Annuity Training in South Carolina

Life Insurance

I attended insurance training in South Carolina about annuities, indexed universal life policies and specially designed insurance policies for debt elimination.  I typically stay at Hampton Inn’s when I travel just to keep it simple and familiar.  I also like the fact they offer breakfast as part of the deal.  That just makes sense to me.  This time I stayed in a Marriot Hotel brand The Loft, because that was the hotel where the training was conducted.   It was great to see my name on the tv when I turned …

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Signing Up For Medicare Part B Using CMS-40B

If you are still working at age 65 you may need to sign up for Part B after you have signed up for Part A earlier. You’ll need to fill out Form CMS-40B. After reading the form and instructions on the Social Security website it was CONFUSING. I decided to turn the instructions into an easier to understand format. I hope it helps.

Medicare Enrollment Roadmap

aerial view of road in the middle of trees

How and When to Enroll or Change Medicare Coverage Automatic On Ramp You are drawing Social Security at least four (4) months before turning 65 You will get a Medicare Card before your birthday month. Annual Enrollment (October 15th – December 7th) You can make the below changes to your Medicare Coverage: Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage Current Medicare Advantage Plan to Another Medicare Advantage Plan Add or Change Part D (Prescription Drug) Plan General Enrollment – (Medicare Advantage Enrollment /Disenrollment Period) January 1 – …

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